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Revolutions EP Forgotten Trip Fallen Angels Atomic Ray Power Raise FUNNY PRINCESS Scarlet Eyes Crevice Trois Rouge Colors Lycoris Sphere Caliber FANATIC HARDCORE - RED LABEL FANATIC HARDCORE - BLACK LABEL Shock Underground Makina Connectionz Vol. 11 Underground Makina Connectionz Vol. 12 Makina Exclamation G MAJESTIC MOON Servant Collection 2.0 東方幻舞闘 東方音伽盤改 東方幻奏囃 Revolutions EP Ultra Cutie Breakin'!!!! Hardcore Illusionist No Alternative Hardcore Illusionist 2 Hardcore Illusionist 3 Electronic Exclusives 18: Six Feet Underground Electronic Exclusives 19: Till Death do Us Part (Part 1 of 2) Electronic Exclusives 20: Till Death do Us Part (Part 2 of 2) Divine Intervention 100 D Greatest Hits Slaves To The Darkness Hardcore Energy 2 Hardcore Heaven 2 (2017) Balancing Act Point of No Return Electronic Happy Dreamer Hardcore Underground EP vol.1 Hardcore Underground EP Vol.2 Hardcore Underground EP Vol.3 Our Lost Ones Japanese Stream Hardcore Vol.1 Japanese Stream Hardcore Vol.2 Rust World Karachi Vol. 1 Return To Zero Makinaforce Recordings Vol. 1 Bastard Archive+ Bastard Pop Terrorists vol 4 Bastard Pop Terrorists vol 5 Bastard Pop Terrorists vol 6 Bastard Pop Terrorists vol 7 Bastard Pop Terrorists vol 8 Bastard Pop Terrorists vol 9 Bastard Pop Terrorists vol 10 Bastard Pop Terrorists vol. 11 Bastard Pop Terrorists Vol. 12 Bastard Pop Terrorists Vol. 13 Bastard Pop Terrorists Vol.14 Bastard Pop Terrorist Vol. 16 Nekology Legend of Square (meets Hardcore) MINAMOTRANCE CORE 斬!!! Reincarnation Minamotrance Core Quad!!!! Minamotrance Core X Sketch! Minamotrance Core i7 Operation Unrestrected -Overture- Neu/Erstellen Re:union Muscari enigmatic LIA 3 Worldwide Freeform Ultimate Worldwide Freeform Die Another Day World Heavyweight Freeform Blood, Sweat & Tears Freeformania Against All Odds Like a Phoenix Hinokura Vol.1 - The First Dimension A Toda Makina 2009 Smiling Corpse 001 Essential Works Makinatron Sharpnel Sound Collection Bewitched! Hard Break UG Psyclone オタクオーバークロックス Otaku Overclocks Sharpnel Sound Collection vol.2 Cyclick Bassline Crisis Erectortion-01 - キモチイイコト Priapisma XTC-ism TANO*C COREnival HARDCORE SYNDROME HARDCORE SYNDROME 2 HARDCORE SYNDROME 3 HARDCORE SYNDROME 4 HARDCORE SYNDROME 5 HARDCORE SUNDROME 6 硬核侍 Hardcore Samurai TANO*C REMIXES Speed Ball Z Tano*c remixes 2 No Alternative+ 鈴本康一E.P. 2 Blood, Sweat & Makina Project:Powerstomp 3 Nightfall Detonated Symphonic Bass X-Treme Hard Compilation vol 2

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